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Chuck wagon Etiquette

No one eats until Cookie calls
When Cookie calls, everyone comes a runnin'
Hungry cowboys wait for no man. They fill their plates, fill their bellies, and then move on so   stragglers can fill their plates
Cowboys eat first, talk later.
It's okay to eat with your fingers. The food is clean
If you're refilling the coffee cup and someone yells "Man at the pot." You're obliged to serve refills.
Don't take the last serving unless your sure you're the last man.
Food left on the plate is an insult to the cook.
No running or saddling a horse near the wagon. And when you ride off, always ride down wind from the wagon.
If you come across any decent firewood, bring it back to the wagon
Strangers are always welcome at the wagon.

Did you know?
When Cookie  was finished with his work for the day and before hitting the sack, he would always place the tongue of the chuck wagon facing north. When the trail master started in the morning he would look at the tongue and then knew what direction he would be moving the herd.

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