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Seamans Indoor Arena - Imboden, Arkansas

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Seamans Indoor Arena

99 Squirrel Road
Imboden, AR 72434
Website: http://seamansindoorarenabarrelrace.webs.com/

Imboden, AR Weather

The Seamans Indoor Arena in Birdell, AR is owned by Clint and Jacqulyn Seamans of Jesup, AR. Here at the arena they try to hold Barrel Racing and Equine Events at least once a month. Recently they have even taken to trying there hand at small Rodeos with Roping, Barrels, and Bulls. The first Rodeo they but on, on December 2, 2011 was a huge sucess. Bull riders from all over North East Arkansas, and South East Mosouri showed up to ride on the bulls.

Even with the Rodeo such a huge sucess, the arena is used mainly now for Equine Events, such as Barrel Racing and Pole Bending. The arena sees riders from all over Arkansas and Southern Mosouri coming out to ride here. These events are most always held on Saturday and start around Noon.











Goodsell's Diner
Ranked #1 of 4 in Imboden
Cuisines: American


Autumn Inn Motel

114 W 3rd St

Imboden, AR 72434

(870) 869-2211


Holiday Inn Express

(888) 426-4896


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