Nitro-Gel Performance Pad 30″ L 32″ D SB P520SB


The top of the pad is a Cashmilon Woven Blanket, it’s luxuriously soft, durable, and vibrant. The spine is contoured and reinforced with apache leather to match the wear leathers. Apache is a durable, distressed brown leather; with each ride your apache will become more customized. Inside the pad, the Nitro-Gel absorbs shock (and won’t pop, freeze, melt, or break down). Finally, a 3/4″ wool felt bottom layer provides breathable shock absorption, wicking away moisture to keep your horse cool.

Reinsman’s Woven Top Gel Pad is not only vibrant and gorgeous but also has a 100% pressed wool felt bottom with Nitro-Gel bar inside for excellent shock protection. We often recommend this as a treeless saddle pad, the combination of materials is thick enough to protect you and your horse, while not too thick to sacrifice the benefits of treeless riding. It also works wonderfully with treed saddles.


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