Rockin S 1/2″ Raised Snaffle – 5″ Mouth BBR234


  • Designed to decrease the discomfort at corners of the horse’s mouth
  • This bit will not pinch
  • 5″ Mouth
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This bit was designed to decrease the discomfort at the corners of the horse’s mouth. This bit will not pinch. The extra 3″ rings at each end of the mouthpiece float independently to disperse the pressure across the lip and cheek making the horse more responsive to the rider’s cues. Attach the rein to the floating “D” ring outside the cheek rings. The mouthpiece is large enough to allow the rider to tug on a horse without injuring the bars. LIFETIME GUARANTEE In 5″ Mouths

1 review for Rockin S 1/2″ Raised Snaffle – 5″ Mouth BBR234

  1. Jo Huitema

    I have bought two of these bits now….awesome bits, can’t fault them. both fox trotters do so well in them and recommend them as a 5 star bit. top quality made and the horses are very light to ride using these bits.
    well worth the postage to get them from the USA to New Zealand.

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