Blood Twists Knots Reins 3/4″ x 8′ RAMC25


  • M.C. Diamond Custom
  • 3/4″ x 8′ With Blood Twists Knots Knots. are 6″ Apart

Top-quality harness leather, This great design is the ultimate solution to the traditional knot rein for riders who need a subtle reminder by M.C. Diamond Ranch! Plaits 0r Blood Twists are 6 in. apart to remind riders to slide their hand down the rein for better connection and leverage for training, practice, and competition. Two Brass snap and deep Conway buckles allow for quick and easy rein length adjustment. Swivel Brass bolt snaps for easy on/off bit attachment. Conway Buckles allow for rein length to be adjusted. 3/4″ laced rein. 8′ long.

We began our quest to offer quality tack at an honest price. The Amish family that builds all of our MC Diamond Tack does just that methodically handcrafting each items. How do we do this? On our double stitched headstalls we precisely count the stitches per inch to make sure the leather lays flat, yet maintains its integrity and strength. Or that we dip our split reins in oil for just the right amount of seconds, to ensure the correct feel; broke-in right from the start. We’ve built a partnership that works in perfect tandem. Our craftsmen are second and third generation leather makers with a passion for top-quality materials that create a top-quality piece of tack! Each and every piece we sell passses through no less than 4 hands from the first cut to the final rubbing of the edges. We take pride in evaluating each peice of tack we design. Having the right amount of holes in a headstall allows customers to use it on several horses; with the right fit for each of them. Every pair of split reins we sell are hand cut side by side and stay together throughout the whole finishing process so that they both have the same weight and feel on the horse. From flank cinches, headstalls, and breast collars to curb straps, we have developed tack for cowboys in or out of the arena, Made in the United Stats using almost exclusively Hermann Oak Leather out of St. Louis, Missouri.


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