Wool String Leather Halter Tan/Magenta/Turquoise HT152518


Uniquely western, this leather halter is doubled and stitched for excellent strength. The cheeks and nosepiece are made of hand twisted wool string in a variety of bold color combinations and patterns. Buckle under chin and on both sides of crown piece for simple fit adjustments. Brushed nickel hardware


Wool string nose and cheeks
Adjustable leather crown and chin.
Snap cheek
Brushed nickel hardware

Wool Mohair Leather Horse Halter
Doubled and stitched leather for strength
Hand-twisted wool string cheeks and nosepiece
Available in bold color combinations and patterns
Buckle under chin and on both sides of crown piece
Brushed nickel hardware
7” cheek, 17½” – 20½” crown, 30” – 33” nose
Four color choices available


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